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Hi, I am the founder of InnovationWorks.ie and a PhD candidate with three post graduate specialist diplomas in Innovation & Quality Management; certifications in Training, Coaching and Project Management including ITIL v3, PrinceII, Wireless & Smart data capture technologies and Software Development. With over 20 years professional experience delivering projects in multinationals, small & micro enterprises; and non-profit organisations. Complemented with two black belt awards in both Lean and Six Sigma from the University of Limerick achieving significant bottom line productivity & quality improvements, waste & defect reduction and innovative lean thinking in a growing portfolio of successful projects.

Researching the role of innovation in rural economic and social revitalisation; and the design and delivery of innovative training and support programmes for small businesses, non-profits and long term job seekers, I can deliver FETAC group accredited, projectised learning and online learning content and programmes in the areas of new technology development, business management, service design and continuous improvement in manufacturing .

I write on research topics as diverse as Brexit and GDPR preparation project implementation in small enterprises and non-profits; and a ‘Simple Project Implementation’ approach aimed at supporting better project outcomes in small teams.

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Brendon McLoughlin

Brendon McLoughlin is a Technical Project Manager and Lean Black Belt Innovator. Brendon has extensive design and development experience across technology based businesses, product manufacturing and service provider industries, social and not-for-profit organisations.

Brendon has over 20 years of experience within start-ups, SME’s and global enterprises. Brendon continues to build a reputation as a creative lean thinker, innovator, researcher, blogger and evangelist. Brendon’s chosen area of research focuses on 'Rural Innovation' and Capacity, Capability and Competency building and cultivating creative core cultures in small high performance teams from small organisations to realise greater commercial value and social gain.