What Is Innovation Works


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What Is Innovation Works?

“Innovation through learning … Learning through innovation”


Innovation Workssupports knowledge sharing and learning in commercial and non-profit organisations to empower new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Innovation Works … assists the cultivation of core creative cultures within organisations.  Assisting to identify and realise new products, services, processes, markets, technologies and social opportunities for adding value, reducing waste, increasing growth, decreasing defects and gaining competitive advantage.  Transforming existing “As-Is” business processes into “To-Be” process improvements and radically new business opportunities for enterprises including micro, small, medium or large … profit or non-profit, social or commercial organisations.

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Innovation Worksutilises lean manufacturing, six sigma, design thinking, customer development, frugal innovation, business and project management processes which have been drawn from the industry leaders and good practices within the information technology, manufacturing and educational sectors.  Formulating and tailoring strategic and systematic approaches to problem solving, continuous improvement, incremental and radical innovation or transformation using Project Management, Agile, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, tools and techniques.

Innovation Works … because it helps you to develop competitive advantage, creative and innovative skills and capacity required to grow.

Innovation Works … because it helps to create those innovative spaces, environments and cultures needed to conceive new idea’s which mature into new products, services, processes, markets and new business models which hold customer or user needs at their core.

Innovation Works … to innovate from within your organisation and extend outwards to capture, partners, collaborations, lead users and other sources of adding new innovation capacity, capability and competency, resources and expertise when required.

Innovation Works … is “Cultivating Creative Core Cultures”

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