How Innovation Works

Delivering greater value through innovative systematic fact based quality approach.  This approach supports organisations to cultivate the creative core cultures needed to create customer value, build competitive advantage, increase capacity, capability and competency and greater project outcomes.  Related services include:

“Empowering Problem Solving, Innovation, Quality & Project Management approaches in frugal shared value (social & commercial) creation projects to achieve sustainable outcomes which are respectful of people, places and the planet.”

Brendon McLoughlin – 2017

Why Innovation Works?

What Is Innovation Works?

Who Innovation Works?



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Brendon McLoughlin

Brendon McLoughlin is a Technical Project Manager and Lean Black Belt Innovator. Brendon has extensive design and development experience across technology based businesses, product manufacturing and service provider industries, social and not-for-profit organisations.

Brendon has over 20 years of experience within start-ups, SME’s and global enterprises. Brendon continues to build a reputation as a creative lean thinker, innovator, researcher, blogger and evangelist. Brendon’s chosen area of research focuses on 'Rural Innovation' and Capacity, Capability and Competency building and cultivating creative core cultures in small high performance teams from small organisations to realise greater commercial value and social gain.