An Ocean of GDPR Data Streams

An Ocean of GDPR Data Streams

In a previous post, I wrote about ‘GDPR or Bust!’, in this post I would like to venture deeper into the Ocean of GDPR Data Streams that I perceive which may need to be crossed on route to GDPR Compliance.   Example GDPR Project Activities Understanding the scope of theRead More

gdpr or bust updated

GDPR or Bust?

Introduction In this post, I’m going to slowly build up a head of steam in preparation for a journey heading in one of many possible directions towards ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) compliance.  Before moving slowly forward I review the point at which this journey begins for many Irish smallRead More


Breaking Brexit

Stop Talking … Start Doing … and lets get ‘Breaking Brexit’! Say we are a small rural business in a sleepy town or village just keeping pace with rural living … chances are Brexit (Britain Exiting the EU) are not top of our day to day business priorities let aloneRead More

The internet of everything?

The internet of everything?

I’ve been thinking about ‘IoT’ v2.0 … aka the internet of everything all networked together.  ‘IoT’ has the potential to network technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Automation, Robotics and Nano construction, etc… into an exciting new network of everything.  These things include networking self-driving  cars, self-heating homes, self-fillingRead More

Lean is Green not Mean

Lean is Green not mean … But ‘Kaikaku’ is radical man! Kaizen v Kaikaku   Respect For The Planet   If anyone reads any of my rantz, a common theme in my thinking is ‘Respect for people and the planet’, the ‘Planet’ side of lean is both green and sustainable.Read More

Could Albert Einstein have got it wrong?

Could Albert Einstein have got it wrong?

Could Albert Einstein have got it wrong? … when he said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. Lean suggests we have ‘Respect for people’ and consider the process capability and capacity, Six Sigma suggests we also consider process variation, deviation and stability. In root-cause analysisRead More

Irish 'Student' helped Guinness to pass 't-test' and a great Irish gift to the world of statistics.

Irish ‘Student’ helped Guinness to pass ‘t-test’ and a great Irish gift to the world of statistics.

Did you know that an Irish ‘Student’ helped Guinness to pass the ‘t-test’ to its competitors and made it a gift to the world of statistics?   Just going over some of my advanced statistics notes and researching a little deeper when I came across this very interesting piece ofRead More

Professional Timeline

Professional Timeline

Professional Timeline is a simple single slide visual presentation I created as a summery of my now crowded personal CV.   Introduction I get a lot personally from being a volunteer skills development coach. Helping others to find their direction and push forward empowered by their growing passion to pursueRead More

I Got Five Years For Agile In Manufacturing

I got 5 years for Agile in Manufacturing

I was reading a LinkedIn post by C Keith Horner in which he ponders the application of the Agile framework in Agile Manufacturing. This post is inspired by pretty much the same inspiration and question that has haunted me for at least the last 5 years as I serve myRead More

Implementing Statistical Process Control

Lean Learning – Implementing Statistical Process Control

Welcome to the Lean Learning Series on Implementing Statistical Process Control The Lean Learning Series is a series of sampled notes from my course content on a learning journey to a University of Limerick Masters in Quality Management (Lean Innovation)   Applying ‘process thinking’; it’s possible to differentiate between random causesRead More