"Be small, think big, and go places”

Be small, think big and go places

It can take all hands on deck in a small organisation to keep the ship a float and on course when battling the many day to day operations. If the organisation employs a very small number, making time and course corrections needed to discover new ideas or explore new islands of opportunities often requires more time, effort and risk than small firms can justify.

When changing course, marshalling the help, resources, funds and know-how needed to benefit can often be abruptly halted by stormy seas, forcing the organisation back to the safer harbour of “We’re too small to think big”.

So, why do governments call on SMEs to raise a flag for growth and set sail for the new world of innovative opportunities for the European economy?

Research demonstrates that SMEs make up 92% of all European enterprises. Academia suggests that the small firms are more agile, responsive and receptive to change, than those slower moving big business vessels often more resistant to course corrections.

So, where can safe harbour be found?

Does every one need a fully crewed exploration ship captained by Christopher Columbus? or can a modest paddle boat with a small inexperienced crew and compass successfully venture out and live to tell the tail?

Academic researchers suggest many innovation voyages fail due to a lack of practical know-how and a simple tailor made approach is badly needed.

By drawing together some of the worlds most creative, innovative, lean and agile thinkers and explorers as small fragments of a larger treasure map we may discover a new world of business development.

This map must navigate around great innovation barriers to expose a destination which suggests you can “Be small, think big, and go places”. This new path maybe disrupting existing traditional business development approaches. So why not journey with me and let’s travel together …







(as at 18th May 2018)

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Brendon McLoughlin

Brendon McLoughlin is a Technical Project Manager and Lean Black Belt Innovator. Brendon has extensive design and development experience across technology based businesses, product manufacturing and service provider industries, social and not-for-profit organisations.

Brendon has over 20 years of experience within start-ups, SME’s and global enterprises. Brendon continues to build a reputation as a creative lean thinker, innovator, researcher, blogger and evangelist. Brendon’s chosen area of research focuses on 'Rural Innovation' and Capacity, Capability and Competency building and cultivating creative core cultures in small high performance teams from small organisations to realise greater commercial value and social gain.

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