Project Management

The project management services provided by Innovation Works can be applied across a wide range of projects.  These projects can be the catalysts for small incremental quality improvement or large scale transformative change; waste, defect and cost reductions; value creation; radical or disruptive innovation which all have measurable bottom line impacts.  Even within the smallest of micro enterprises and SME’s, correctly applying proven good practices as formal systematic approach, methods, tools and techniques can support greater potential success.  For example:

  • Research & Development, Statistical Analysis Projects
  • Business Modelling & Development Projects
  • Digital Marketing, SEO & eCommerce’s Development Projects
  • Product, Process & Service Design, Development, Deployment & Implementation Projects
  • Technical & Technology Development & Implementation Projects
  • GDPR & Brexit Preparation Strategy Implementation Projects
  • Problem Solving,Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Change & Transformation Projects
  • Quality, Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence Projects

Project Management ervices

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