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The ‘Problem Solvers’ objectives …

‘Problem Solvers’ seeks to facilitate an independent, non-bias, non-political, town hall discussion on how local problems requiring local businesses and communities to collaborate and innovate to explore new methods of delivering solutions that are of local commercial or social mutual benefit utilising the practical possible ideas that are self-sustaining, scalable and respectful of people, products and the planet.

The scale of a problem is often measured by the scale of customer or user ‘Demand’, ‘Need’ and a realistic ‘Price’ customers are willing to pay to have that ‘Need’ successfully met regardless of the scale of ‘Demand’ to be filled.  So a good problem is a problem that has high and wide ‘Demand’, that best ‘Meets’ or ‘Fits’ that ‘Need’ and does so in a way that is as practically possible, financially sustainable (not dependent on funding and grants), scalable with demand and is respectful of people, products and services within the local community, as well as the overall planet.


Problem Guidelines:

We’re trying to keep our problem acceptance criteria as simple as possible to begin with and this will be refined over time as we learn what you need the panel to focus its problem solving skills on in order to return the greatest commercial and social benefit.  If your problem is compatible with the ‘Problem Solvers’ objectives we want your problem!


SMART! problems:

A really good problem is a SMART problem that not only meets the ‘Problem Solvers’ objectives, it includes a clear statement of the problem stating clearly the scale of ‘Pain’ the problem causes and the scale of ‘Difficulty’ in finding a simple low cost workaround.  Each ‘Problem Statement’ can be made SMART if it can in practical terms become:

  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time bound/boxed


Bring Us Your Problems!

If you feel your commercial and social community has a problem worth fixing that the ‘Problem Solvers’ could help with, bring your problem here!

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