To maximise self sufficiency in a resource hungry micro or small enterprise requires a simple approach to simple project implementation for greater sustainable change for the better.  How to blend and tailor existing known good project, innovation and quality management practices in a simple sustainable and repeatable approach is no easy task in small firms and cash strapped non-profit organisations.  Finding, focusing and financing the required knowledge, resources, technologies and expertise is often seen as a luxury only big business can afford.  Small commercial and non-profit organisations with similar access to the much needed capability, capacity and competency of larger tech savvy competitors can if given the opportunity out perform their bigger competitors and go on to build a more robust, dynamic and agile competitive advantage.

The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek Source: Simon Sinek - "Start With Why"


PURPOSE (the 'Why?'):

The 'Purpose' of this web application is ... to support better project implementation in small enterprise seeking to achieve better social and commercial outcomes.

APPLICATIONS (the 'What?'):

Simple Project Implementation

The possible 'Applications' including:

APPROACH (the 'How?'):

The 'Approach' utilises ... a blended and tailored approach to facilitate more simple project implementation utilising a more simplified subset inspired by proven existing project, innovation and quality management 'good practices', approaches, tools and techniques employed by PMBoK, BABoK, Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, Lean & Frugal innovation practitioners and project managers to better support greater project success.


Enterprises applying a simple structured good practice approach can support greater commercial or social 'value creation' sustainable outcomes within resource or cash hungry small enterprise implementations. Such potential benefits can include:






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