Why Innovation Works


Why Innovation Works?


“Teams need support to cultivate the required creative core culture which …

encourages innovative thinking that dares to challenge the status quo!”

Brendon McLoughlin – 2017


Implementing and managing technical, quality, improvement and innovation projects is rarely simple. Often written about failure rates have been reported by research as between 60% ~ 70%. Failure factors are often cited as not identifying or applying good project practices, quality or innovation management approaches, methods, tools and techniques. Primary among these factors is a failure to communicate effectively a compelling value proposition realised through the true Voice of the Customer.  Skills capacity building and access to specialist expertise, experience and knowledge can help to support greater early stage success and avoid costly, time consuming, wasteful failures, defects and lowering quality standards, customer satisfaction and expectations.

Progressing to internally developing and harnessing reusable expertise is a gift that can keep on giving.  Such internal expertise has the required at the coal face agility to quickly identify and react as new and emerging improvement and innovative opportunities appear.  Such expertise should be organisation wide and culture deep.  Leaning to adopt, adapt, change and transform from the core culture out requires a deeper form of experimentation, failure, learning, experience and wisdom coming from within.

So … How Innovation Works?