How Can Innovation Work For Micro-Firms: Research

Innovation Management Post-Graduate Specialist Diploma Student at the University of Limerick, Ireland.


Title of Research Report:

“How Can Innovation Work For Micro-Firms?”

Note: Micro-Firms (aka Micro-Enterprise / Micro-Business)


Normally characterised as some of the smallest of small to medium enterprises ( SMEs ), employing 10 or less employees.

Micro-Firms are often indigenous owner managed family run commercial or social businesses or non-profit organisations.

The aim of the questions being asked is to address one primary research question:


“What maybe a practical, cost-effective, good-practice innovation management framework most suited to micro-firms?”

In addressing this primary question, the author has chosen to ask a number of related questions and seeks your contribution in forming a final opinion.


Important Definitions and Distinctions:
are defined as, firms employing 10 employees or less.
Innovation is defined as, the creation of new products, services or business processes for social or commercial gain.

An Approach to innovation or innovation approaches are defined as, a combination of project management, new product design and development, business process improvement and innovation management good practices, processes, methods, tools and techniques.

Special Links To Research Materials:

Introductory Video Presentation – Click Here!

Micro-firms Study – Click Here!

Support Providers Study – Click Here!

Support Providers Survey – Click Here!

2 Minute Presentation – Click Here!

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Final Report
Summary Report
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Case Studies / Sample Projects:


Team SonicWave:
Concept Model Presentation – Click Here!

The Jobs Factory:
Job Seeker Support Programme – Click Here!


Quotations and Insights:

“The mind-set and approach to micro enterprises that has got us to this point, is not the mind-set that will sustain or deliver significant growth in the future”

Sean McNulty – CEO of Dolmen – Design & Innovation

“Everyone can innovate’ and so, ‘all social and non-profit organisations can also innovate.  Only within the context of social innovation however can the majority focus entirely shift towards social outcomes, yielding not just new commercial opportunities, but also opportunities for new business models, social projects and sustainable job creation.”

Brendon McLoughlin

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Arclabs Research and Innovation Centre – Click Here!

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And For Their Support:

Dr. Adele Smith – Project Supervisor – National University of Ireland, Galway

Team SonicWave Post-Graduate Innovation Management Students 2013-2014

Joe O’Toole – Director – J and F Water Treatment

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