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NBC If Japan Can Why Cant We

If Japan Can …

While researching for my masters in Quality Management (Lean Innovation) I was watching on YouTube the NBC Whitepaper entitled ‘If Japan Can Why Cant We?’ when the closing statements of Lloyd Dobyns of NBC caught my attention and triggered a question.  The question began forming when I noted that theRead More

Innovate Or Die

Rural Ireland Must … “Innovate Or Die!”

Rural Ireland must … Innovate Or Die!.  This may sound a little over dramatic until you make a connection as I did recently.  I was conducting research for a thought experiment which forms the basis for my masters.  My thesis is framed as a question, “How can lean innovation createRead More

Unemployment - a symptom or a cause?

Unemployment a symptom or a cause? (Part 1 of 3)

Have You Read ? ( Introduction To This Series Of Posts ) The First Of Three Problems: Our journey begins in my rural home county of Tipperary in Ireland.  Our travels will take us to our 3rd of three problems and the home of lean thinking in Japan.  Japan isRead More