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Breaking Brexit

Stop Talking … Start Doing … and lets get ‘Breaking Brexit’! Say we are a small rural business in a sleepy town or village just keeping pace with rural living … chances are Brexit (Britain Exiting the EU) are not top of our day to day business priorities let aloneRead More

The internet of everything?

The internet of everything?

I’ve been thinking about ‘IoT’ v2.0 … aka the internet of everything all networked together.  ‘IoT’ has the potential to network technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Automation, Robotics and Nano construction, etc… into an exciting new network of everything.  These things include networking self-driving  cars, self-heating homes, self-fillingRead More

I Got Five Years For Agile In Manufacturing

I got 5 years for Agile in Manufacturing

I was reading a LinkedIn post by C Keith Horner in which he ponders the application of the Agile framework in Agile Manufacturing. This post is inspired by pretty much the same inspiration and question that has haunted me for at least the last 5 years as I serve myRead More

Social Scaling Lean

How Constraints Create Space for Innovation – A Social Context

Constraints Create Space for Innovation I was reading a post by Ash Maurya the best selling author of the excellent book ‘Running Lean’.  In his new offering ‘Scaling Lean’ he takes the next steps beyond ideation to his vision for scaling up start-ups.   His linkedIn post ‘How Constraints CreateRead More

Unemployment - a symptom or a cause?

Unemployment a symptom or a cause? (Part 1 of 3)

Have You Read ? ( Introduction To This Series Of Posts ) The First Of Three Problems: Our journey begins in my rural home county of Tipperary in Ireland.  Our travels will take us to our 3rd of three problems and the home of lean thinking in Japan.  Japan isRead More

Lean Innovating A New Manufacturing Service

Lean Innovating A New Manufacturing Service

After 20 plus years skirting around the edges of manufacturing, I had often had the pleasure of working alongside my team-mates but merely as a 3rd party technical lead, trouble shooter, business analyst and software developer. Until this project, I had never truly experienced the pleasure of being full timeRead More

97.5% have no website performance analytics!

97.5% have no website performance analytics!

In one of my recent posts entitle “How can the Voice of the Customer (VoC) work for micro firms?”, I discussed the importance of harnessing the most effective methods of capturing the voice of the customer as suggested by a user survey conducted by Roger Cooper, a renowned innovation expertRead More

How Can VoC Work For Micro Firms?

How Can VoC Work For Micro Firms?

Reading a post by Kieron Ellis on the ‘Success with 6R’s’ starting me thinking about the best methods to allow ‘Micro Enterprises’ to hear the ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VoC) Kieron spoke about in his post.   Now begins a possible uphill search for the best simple and practical ideas micro-firmsRead More

Pyramid Of Wisdom v2

The Pyramid of Wisdom

In Search of Knowledge and Wisdom I would like to suggest, that at the core of our primal intellectual desire, is a need to seek knowledge and wisdom. The pyramid of wisdom is my personal visual representation of the evolution of demand created from need, through knowledge creation to theRead More

Viva Clipper

* Viva Clipper! … 2015 will mark 30 years … *

* Viva Clipper! … 2015 will mark 30 years of an old software development innovation! * Just talking to a fellow software developer from the old days about the early days of #DBase II, when we were young code monkeys using #xBase languages to build DOS based software and waitedRead More