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gdpr or bust updated

GDPR or Bust?

Introduction In this post, I’m going to slowly build up a head of steam in preparation for a journey heading in one of many possible directions towards ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) compliance.  Before moving slowly forward I review the point at which this journey begins for many Irish smallRead More

Lean is Green not Mean

Lean is Green not mean … But ‘Kaikaku’ is radical man! Kaizen v Kaikaku   Respect For The Planet   If anyone reads any of my rantz, a common theme in my thinking is ‘Respect for people and the planet’, the ‘Planet’ side of lean is both green and sustainable.Read More

I Got Five Years For Agile In Manufacturing

I got 5 years for Agile in Manufacturing

I was reading a LinkedIn post by C Keith Horner in which he ponders the application of the Agile framework in Agile Manufacturing. This post is inspired by pretty much the same inspiration and question that has haunted me for at least the last 5 years as I serve myRead More

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

The need for rewards

Background: I was reading a post about Engaging and Motivating Employees by Warren Tanner at  In his post Warren asked questioned rewards … “Is it really the psychological rewards that employees gain from feeling valued and engaged in meaningful work that encourages them each day, rather than the hopeRead More

Lean Learning Six Sigma

Lean Learning – Six Sigma

Welcome to the Lean Learning Series on Six Sigma The Lean Learning Series is a series of sampled notes from my course content on a learning journey to a University of Limerick Masters in Quality Management (Lean Innovation)   Six Sigma Six Sigma has been reported as one of theRead More

Unemployment - a symptom or a cause?

Unemployment a symptom or a cause? (Part 1 of 3)

Have You Read ? ( Introduction To This Series Of Posts ) The First Of Three Problems: Our journey begins in my rural home county of Tipperary in Ireland.  Our travels will take us to our 3rd of three problems and the home of lean thinking in Japan.  Japan isRead More

Leaning Into Services

Leaning Into Services

On the topic of ‘Why Lean & How?’, a fellow lean learner asked an excellent and important question that got me thinking … “Lean has been traditionally introduced in a manufacturing situation. Do the group feel there is an important role for implementation of lean in the Service Industry?”6  Read More

Innovation Keyword Cloud

What Inspires Me To Innovate

These days it takes little to inspire me to exercise #innovative effort. Those people that know me personally maybe surprised to learn that it was only in recent years that I realised the fullest scale of passion I have for the topic of #innovation. But perhaps you the reader, maybeRead More