Month: September 2014

Microsoft Virtual World Domination

My kids fear Micro$oft virtual world domination!

On a normal day, when I ramble down stairs from my slumber for my morning cup of coffee, the house is pretty dark and quite with kids droning through the house seeking and gathering up various artefacts before school appearing to resemble those little blockiee gaming characters that appear inRead More

Pyramid Of Wisdom v2

The Pyramid of Wisdom

In Search of Knowledge and Wisdom I would like to suggest, that at the core of our primal intellectual desire, is a need to seek knowledge and wisdom. The pyramid of wisdom is my personal visual representation of the evolution of demand created from need, through knowledge creation to theRead More

You Have Been Warned!

You Have Been Warned!

The Ten Most Important Things You Need To Know About Brendon McLoughlin You Have Been Warned!  If your reading this, I may have some how captured your imagination, interest and peeked your curiosity, either way, the following perhaps maybe the most valuable read and insights into my passion and personality.Read More